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Helvetica Team - 09 Jan 2024

Air traffic controller sentenced by military court

Media release

January 09, 2024

Air traffic controller sentenced by military court

After a long wait, we now have a legal response to the accident. It was a difficult time for everyone involved. We are also thinking of the relatives and friends of the pilot in...Read More

Helvetica Team - 02 Jun 2023

HelvetiCA joins SGB

Media Release

June 2, 2023

HelvetiCA joins SGB

The delegates of the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions approved HelvetiCA's application for membership at their meeting on June 2, 2023. With this membership, HelvetiCA wants to give more weight to its work at the...Read More

Helvetica Team - 22 Jul 2022

An acquittal for the history books?

Media Release

20 July 2022

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court declares an acquittal in the last pending criminal case in connection with an incident without consequences. The verdict, the reasons, but above all the pending change in the law in the spirit of "Just Culture" gives...Read More

Helvetica Team - 28 Jan 2022

HelvetiCA – Air Traffic Control in Switzerland

Ever wanted to know what air traffic controllers do?

Swiss is one of the busiest airspaces in Europe! Up to 1.3 milion flights cross Switzerland each year. Safety is ensured around the clock, 365 days a year with 550 Air Traffic Controllers working, which also provide safety for up to 95'0...Read More

Helvetica Team - 28 Jul 2021

HelvetiCA – a child of many

Historic merits History

On January 1st 2021, HelvetiCA started its existence. Truly a historic moment for all Swiss Air Traffic Controllers to be represented by one union and professional association. In order too explain ...Read More

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