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Helvetica Team - 09 Jul 2024

Introducing: HelvetiCA BROADcast

July 09, 2024

Introducing: HelvetiCA BROADcast

We are excited to announce the HelvetiCA BROADcast, an expanded version of our member's newsletter now available to a wider audience. Launching alongside the 22nd edition of the internal HelvetiCA Broadcast (HB), this biannual publication will share updates with partner organisations and the broader community. Look for the next edition around Christmas.

The HelvetiCA BROADcast will highlight our association’s work, sharing engaging content and showcasing our achievements both nationally and internationally. While the regular HB is tailored for ATCO community members, the BROADcast is designed for everyone, helping all understand HelvetiCA’s role and collaborations.

We hope to spark interest and enthusiasm for future editions. For questions or feedback, contact us at


HelvetiCA BROADcast Summer Edition 2024

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