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The Organization shall monitor, measure and be accountable for how their actions affect their broader ecosystems

HelvetiCA works to have a significant effect on its direct and indirect environment. The association is accountable for its decisions and their impact. To achieve this, HelvetiCA uses lobbying to create links with social partners and the aviation industry in general.


People shall have a say in the decisions that impact them

HelvetiCA will promote and enable member participation. It will evaluate decisions and give the opportunity to members to send their feedback. Most importantly, the association will actively support equal opportunities for all.
HelvetiCA ultimately ensures that all the members receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability, age or any other minority group.


Decision makers shall identify and be clear about the sustainability topics that matter

HelvetiCA identifies and prioritizes the most relevant sustainable topics, considering the effect each topic has on the organization and its stakeholders.
HelvetiCA provides clear guidelines and obvious strategy for the members to understand the objectives of the association and the impact it wants to achieve.


The Organization shall act transparently on material sustainability topics and their related impacts

HelvetiCA shall ensure full commitment to allow a timely and relevant reaction to identified material topics and their related impacts. In order to achieve this, HelvetiCA evaluates and assesses the topics brought up by the members as well as the appropriateness of the envisaged response. In this process, whenever applicable, HelvetiCA also considers any other potential stakeholder (e.g. management). The response therefore addresses the needs, concerns and expectations of members in the best possible way. Full transparency must also be achieved through adequate and timely communication to the members.


The organization ensures that the decision-making authority is set as low as possible but as high as necessary

Subsidiarity is a principle that seeks to ensure the greatest possible self-determination and responsibility of the individual bodies, as far as this is possible and reasonable. Consequently, the principle of subsidiarity means that the next higher level should only intervene (but then always) when the possibilities of the lower level alone are not sufficient to solve a specific task. In other words, this means that the level of regulatory competence should always be "as low as possible and as high as necessary".


Officials shall protect and respect the interest of all members and of the union

All elected and appointed officials of HelvetiCA shall endeavor to ensure that the interests of every member are respected and represented. But also, the overall interests of the association are to be protected and represented, by adhering to principles 1-5.

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