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Helvetica Team - 02 Jun 2023

HelvetiCA joins SGB

Media Release

June 2, 2023

HelvetiCA joins SGB

The delegates of the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions approved HelvetiCA's application for membership at their meeting on June 2, 2023. With this membership, HelvetiCA wants to give more weight to its work at the national level and make available the profession-specific competences of the federation.

"Our profession is changing very quickly due to the advancing digitalization. This requires a clear organizational and legal framework. Membership of the largest national umbrella organization of trade unions allows us to better shape the future of aviation in Switzerland in the interest of safe and orderly air traffic," says Quentin Tonascia, President of HelvetiCA, on joining the SGB. "Above all, with the Just Culture approach, we can also contribute competencies that are likely to be pioneering, especially at this level and in other industries represented in the SGB."


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