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Helvetica Team - 07 May 2021

One hundred years of air traffic control in Switzerland

How better to start a possible new feature with a celebration. 100 years of Air Traffic control. 100 years of Swiss Air Traffic control.   The aim of this new feature RETRO in the Helvetica website is to publish some features of the history of air traffic… Read More

Helvetica Team - 13 Apr 2021

Support to Albanian Air Traffic Controllers

We are very concerned about the situation that has arisen in the last week to the Albanian air traffic controllers. It is unacceptable that essential, safety critical workers are fired and eventually arrested simply for performing their duties in accordance with EU regulations or for… Read More

Helvetica Team - 15 Mar 2021

New German-Swiss interface improves flight efficiency and environmental performance in FABEC airspace

15 March 2021: Starting on 25th March a set of permanent new procedures will improve the interface between Germany and Switzerland. Airspace users can remain at fuel-efficient cruising heights for longer, reach higher altitudes earlier across international boundaries and have more shortened routes available. Overall,… Read More

Helvetica Team - 01 Nov 2020

The unions of Swiss air traffic controllers merge to give birth to HelvetiCA

1 november 2020 The four unions of air traffic controllers, Aerocontrol, Skycontrol, APTC and PVB-APC (aviation safety section), have accepted the merger of their activities in a single union, HelvetiCA. This will make it possible to better defend the rights and social conditions of air… Read More

Helvetica Team - 10 Sep 2020

Press Release of the air traffic controllers’ associations (SwissATCA / PVB)

10 September 2020 Professional and staff associations welcome the recapitalization of skyguide continued to the Coronavirus crisis. We have already agreed to participate in the work on savings that the company will have to make over the next few years. However, raising the retirement age… Read More

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